Simple Lines

Simple Lines

Simple Lines is a space to engage with degrowth through creative arts, with a focus on fiction and film. Our mission is curate a catalogue of arts that reflect on key concepts of degrowth. Started in July 2017.

The Uncensored Student (working title)

With university fees rising and degree certificates devaluing, young people are questioning more and more whether to go to university or not. This is a book for prospective students (and their parents), with the aim to transparently explore the experiences of university life. Topics range from initial decisions about whether to go to university or not, to housing & dealing with landlords, to gender issues, to mental health and post-uni life.

This will be the first comprehensive book in the UK written for to-be-students to get a feel for what’s in store.

Making University Simple |

A platform for students in the UK and life-long learners all over the world. Our mission is to make University accessible to everyone, through sharing quality advice written by students, for students.

Imagining Degrowth: An ethnographic study of Voluntary Simplicity

MA Anthropology Thesis – Distinction

A study of the imaginary of voluntary simplifiers living in a degrowth community.

The fundamental paradox the proposed research wishes to explore is this: in a world where a ‘search for happiness’ seems to be the driving motivator of life, why does western society look at those with less material wealth – who claim to feel happy – as regressive; and seek ‘the good life’ in materialistic means – when time and time again, research shows material accumulation to decrease overall long-term life satisfaction?

Original Gravity – The Film (2016)

The first documentary about the thriving London Brewing Industry. Featuring Pete Brown, The Kernel, The Five Points Brewing Co., Sambrooks, Hop Stuff and more…