Original Gravity – The Film


Documentary Film | 28 mins | 2015

Producer: Kevin Karaca | Director: Kevin Karaca | Director of Photography: Tony Manola | Filmed in breweries and bars across London, UK

Started as a side-project during the summer break of my 1st year of university, this short documentary film is an exploration of the Craft Beer Industry in London. It was released in early 2016 and toured London with screenings in independent bars & breweries February – April 2016. The tour culminated in me hosting a panel discussion with some of the biggest names in London’s Craft Beer business.


Review in Original Gravity Magazine (no relation):

Testimonials from the Industry:

Doreen Joy Barber, (formerly) The Five Points Brewing Company:

It was great to be able to host the first screening of Original Gravity in our warehouse. There was a real sense of community watching the film alongside a good group of people doing wonderful things in the beer world, locally and internationally. It’s a great snapshot of where London’s beer scene is at right this moment, and it’ll be great to look back at it in five or ten years’ time to see how we’ve grown and changed.

Matt Curtis, beer blogger / Founder of Total Ales:

The film was great, it makes a solid case for the evolution of beer as a whole in the UK and has a real feel good ending. I really enjoyed it and would watch it again.

Pete Hills, Hackney Brewery:

Why I love London beer.

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