Stress Less.
Live More.

Create space in your life and start enjoying it again.

It's possible to wake up full of energy

You just need three things:1. Clarity
2. Focus
3. Awareness
These three things give you purpose and direction. They help you move from stressed to calm, from drained to energetic. They help you say "no" to the things that don't matter, and "yes" to the things that do.

And it's deceptively easy

Using the tools offered by mindfulness and minimalism, you can create powerful change in your life.Most people overcomplicate it. But mindfulness and minimalism are actually super simple frameworks you can integrate into your life to help you navigate all the difficulties that come your way.Mindfulness helps you see the present moment for what it is. Seeing the truth of it, rather than being caught up in your own narrative.Minimalism helps you focus on what truly adds value. Separating what's great, from what's meh.By combining the two, you can create a rewarding life. One where you wake up raring to go. Every. Day.Sound good?

How to get started

Step 1 – Say hello

We'll chat about where you are now, what's not working and your vision for the life you want to lead.

Step 2 – Build a plan

I'll create a personalised plan for you so you can see what we'll be doing.This is custom-built to suit your budget and schedule. And could include 1-to-1 calls, text check-ins, exercises and more.

Step 3 – Start your new life

This is the fun part. We'll start to integrate mindfulness and minimalism into your life, so you can create the change you want to see in your life.

Hi, I'm Kevin

A founder, creative and mindfulness teacher

My journey into mindfulness and minimalism started over 10 years ago.I was overwhelmed, stressed and self-medicating. It wasn't a good mix. After finding minimalism, I learned how I'd been letting so much into my life that added little-to-no value but took a lot of my time. I found tools to get rid of everything that was draining my energy. Leaving me time and space to focus on what really mattered in my life.

After years of practising mindfulness and using minimalism to guide my decision-making, I decided to train as a mindfulness teacher to support others. I believe simplicity is the key to creating a happy life. Mindfulness and minimalism help us get there.

I'm not your guru

Just in case you're thinking, "man, this guy's life must be so different to mine". Here's my reality. I run 2 businesses, recently engaged, have a dog, a mortgage, go to the gym, rock climb, and have a social life. If I can do this stuff, so can you!For context, I run a brand strategy and copy studio – The House Outside – helping purpose-driven brands tell their story.And in 2023, I co-founded We Are Kula CIC. A social enterprise in Chesterfield making yoga & mindfulness accessible to our local community.

I offer one-to-one sessions online and in-person in Chesterfield.

Get in touch

Drop me a note and let's get started.

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